The Idea:
The band we were working with was called "Trails and Ways", a local band from Berkley of the Bay area in California. They wanted a video that matched the style they had developed for themselves as music creators and artists. 
For the most part the idea was to have a video that was abstract yet meaningful. We decided to make the video more of a concept than a narrative. However we did have a direction of the tone and look. We ended up using mostly shots of nature as well as time lapses to push across the idea of connections in the world; Time passed in our lives.
My main role in this piece was videography of several time lapses as well as editing and color grading. I used both After Effects as well as Premier Pro to accomplish these tasks. 
Below will be an assortment of prelim material as well as shots that I was responsible for.
Mood Board
Location Scouting
Style Boards
My Shots
This shot of the wind chime was not shot by me but the entire sky in the shot was replaced by me because the original shot's sky was completely blown out. 
Another shot that wasn't originally shot by me but it was heavily edited by me. I took the over all long shot, sped it up and added motion blur to add drama. 
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