The Idea:
To create a hand made feeling animation that embodies the views and mission of Maker Ed. To inform both people and departments of education about the benefits of Maker Ed and what they are trying to reach in terms of modern educational reform. We are all Makers and with integration of today's tech, we can make the educational landscape that much brighter. 
We made sure to stick with this hand made/drawn approach to the look of the animation. My role in all of this was to animate pre-illustrated assets done by the talented Meagan Moore. I began the work with separating the line art from the paper in Photoshop then importing them into After Effects, each item laid in its own Photoshop layer. This made it easy to arrange the scenes and animate individual assets as needed. The benefits of separating the lines and leaving the areas around the lines transparent gave me flexibility when putting colors behind the artwork. 
Before I got the final illustration I put together an animatic using rough rough versions of the drawing so that I could time everything out with the animatic. Once the finals were imported I used the animatic as a skeleton roughly to stay within timing. Although with revisions to the VO the timing did change quite a bit but the over all flow stayed the same. 
Below will be all the prep work as well as all the versions of the animation. 
The Prep Work:
Rough Cuts:
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