Agoraphobia was a short film centering around a person that had the fear of going outside and interacting with other people. This was all based around a fear that everyone was out to get him. I wanted to make a poster that would represent a feeling of being trapped in one's own fear; that their world was turned upside down. 
I used photoshop and illustrator to make this piece. The process involved heavy compositing of multiple source photos taken of my front door and screen door. The window texture was actually taken from my bathroom window as well. 
Nosy Neighbor(2011)
The idea behind this poster was to make something that looks like a mustache using typography. The movie was about a mustache that becomes sentient and gets its owner into a bunch of trouble.  
The Unknown Pawn(2011)
What better describes the simple plot a chess playing being forced to play against a poltergeist like opponent than having a large pawn on the poster. This poster was done by using black enamel spray, a stencil as well as carbon transfer text. All scanned into a computer and put into place. 
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